With the introduction of various regulations and fluctuating prices of Indian rupee the real estate market has become more lucrative for non-resident Indians (NRIs) to do investment. Rupee is hovering to 73.48 against the US dollar since the past one week.

Many Great people had said different things in this scenario which makes it more clear that it’s the right time to do investment in Realty Sector.

This scenario (rupee fall) is same as the country witnessed in 2012. ."Home buying is regaining traction, RERA has made it better and in a situation where property prices at primary level are down by 10-15 percent, and the currency valuation adds another 10-15 percent, which in turn had created golden opportunity for NRI’S.

The drop in rupee can be seen as an investment opportunity for individual buyers as well as institutional investors. Over the past few months we have witnessed a lot of interest from NRIs. This trend continues to grow stronger due to the introduction of timely reforms that brought transparency and accountability in this sector.

Due to weaker rupee, a 10 per cent depreciation allows NRIs to enter at a 10 per cent discount compared to the domestic resident counter parts” Other sources reveal that 7-8 per cent of the inventory is being bought and held by NRIs each year from the estimated real estate industry of Rs 3 trillion annually. This amounts to about Rs 21,000-30,000 crore of annual purchases by NRIs each year.

The current trend of enquiries and purchases in the last 2-3 months estimates that the purchases will rise to10-12 per cent in the near future which in turn will result in the increase in the sales of residential and commercial inventory by 3-5 percent.

Everyone is getting benefit of this situation from property dealers, brokers, investors, clients, consultant to underwriters. Not only through offline mode but the business is being created through online portals also. They are using the online platforms in order to increase traffic numbers from day to day and create more awareness about themselves in the market. NRIs are easily searching for the best properties in India with having a golden opportunity to buy it at an affordable price.

The investment interest is bouncing back as expat NRI’S had not only shown keen interest on purchasing home in their homeland but they are also eagar in purchasing it for purely investment purposes. For NRIs, depreciating Indian rupee seems encouraging to further invest back home in a property due to lesser dependence on finance and lesser outgo of EMI.

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